The Site That Was.

Published by March 31, 2014 | Comments Off on The Site That Was.
The Original Madfatter Inc. Website

The header of the original Madfatter Inc. website.

I built the original website in 2007. At the time flash was the most exciting thing happening on the web, the average screen resolution was 1024px x 768px and Internet Explorer 6 was still a going concern and a major thorn in the side of web designers everywhere.

The site employed some of the latest CSS innovations (border radius!), featured a snazzy, mathematically generated flash animation in its header and came in three different flavours: red, green and blue. Over the years I’ve received a lot of positive feedback about the site. Many of my clients were attracted to it because it didn’t look like your average web design business website. It held the promise of something different, something unique.

But a lot has changed in seven years and recently it became clear that I needed a website that would better reflect the kind of work that I do today, while ideally retaining that “out of the ordinary” quality.

To that end I present the newly renovated and rebuilt, powered by WordPress and coded using responsive design techniques. Please take some time to wander around, kick the tires and test drive the HTML5. I wonder what the next seven years will bring?