Nov 2 2016

Welcoming CMPA To The Fold

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I’m happy to announce the start of a new working relationship with the Canadian Music Publishers Association. The rejuvenated CMPA website I have successfully collaborated with the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency in the past, having creating both, their website and the website for their joint handling of royalty claims with SODRAC. So when their... view article »

May 20 2015

Cottingham Fun Fair Website

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I recently put together a website for Cottingham Junior Public School’s annual Fun Fair. If you have kids and live in the area please come out on Saturday, June 6th, 2015 (11:30am and 3:30pm) for an afternoon of bouncy castles, old fashioned games, a silent auction and much, much more! All proceeds go to support... view article »

Dec 10 2014

What’s old is new again…

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Screenshot from

I was recently demonstrating to a client how a blog functioned by showing her my personal site, I hadn’t used the website for quite some time and while perusing it I was uncomfortably reminded that the website was in dire need of being brought up to modern expectations. The site went live in 2008,... view article »

Mar 31 2014

The Site That Was.

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The header of the original Madfatter Inc. website.

The header of the original Madfatter Inc. website. I built the original website in 2007. At the time flash was the most exciting thing happening on the web, the average screen resolution was 1024px x 768px and Internet Explorer 6 was still a going concern and a major thorn in the side of web... view article »

Mar 22 2014

You Get What You Pay For

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An obvious issue when explaining how much a website will cost is that most people aren’t familiar with the process. Many people don’t realize there are different ways to build websites and significant differences between solutions depending on a site’s features. I often get asked simply, “How much do you charge for a website?” Which... view article »

Feb 14 2014

Why Hire a Professional Web Designer?

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The other day I was talking to a bar owner about possibly doing his website. When we came to the issue of price he was taken aback. He had expected it to cost a third of what I quoted despite the fact that, in all honesty, my quotes are quite low. As we discussed things... view article »