Hi, I’m Trevor Fischer and Madfatter Inc. is my thing.

Trevor Fischer

As you can see, I look nothing like the Madfatter mascot.

Web design is a passion of mine. I love the process of taking a flat, two dimensional design and transforming it into an interactive experience. It’s like building a machine and I still get a thrill when I see all the various pieces working together. I take great pride in my work and try to keep the mood fun and enjoyable for everyone involved in a project.

I founded Madfatter Inc. in 2007 to offer web design and development services for small businesses and individuals. I’m enthusiastic about providing my clients with unique, beautiful websites that stand apart.


By the time I was anticipating the arrival of my first child in 2007 I had already spent many years working as an Assistant Director in the film and television industry. While I found my coworkers and the unusual work environment interesting the hours were incredibly long and the position itself lacked the creative outlet I had looked forward to since graduating from the Ontario College of Art in 1993. So I decided it was time to change career paths both to satisfy myself creatively and to achieve a meaningful work / life balance.

Thus, with that mandate in mind, I undertook extensive training in web design and graphics applications and earned a designation in Web Site Design And Development from Ryerson University in Toronto.

In 2009, after experimenting with a number of content management systems I settled on working predominantly with WordPress . I found the platform extremely versatile, easy to work with and user friendly. Compared to most tools I’d tried, not only was it the least frustrating it was also the most fun to work with and apparently I’m not alone in this opinion, as by 2013 WordPress has grown to become the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world.

The years since I founded Madfatter Inc have been a rewarding experience. I’m proud to provide a unique creative solution for each of my clients, based upon their specific needs, priorities and budget and not try to force them into a one size fits all template. Web design also provides me with plenty of motivation to avoid resting on my laurels; the Internet is an ever-changing medium and I have to constantly keep track of new technologies and learn new skills to add to my designer/developer toolkit.

Some of those tools include: Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, PHP, WordPress, Flash.

The Origin of the Name:

In answer to a common question the name “Madfatter” has it’s origins in a short story I wrote in 1998 (and soon after appeared in an (unproduced) feature film script I was working on). The story featured a criminal who was kidnapping supermodels, fattening them up and then setting them free whom the media had dubbed “The Madfatter”.

Soon the name had taken on a life of it’s own quite apart from it’s absurd beginnings and I started using Madfatter for my email and personal website. By the time the corporation was formed it was the obvious choice and since that time Madfatter has come to represent hard work, high quality and creativity.